Detailed Information

Oodles of Moodles is a reputable and ethical home breeder specializing in beautiful DNA-tested Moodle (or Maltipoo) puppies. Located on a picturesque acreage in the Gold Coast Hinterland, the business has been dedicated to breeding Moodles for over 7 years. What began as a small endeavor to bring joy to their family has evolved into a passion for this loving breed of dogs. The breeder takes pride in providing a nurturing environment for their puppies, ensuring they are raised with care and attention.

At Oodles of Moodles, both the mother and father dogs are present on the property, allowing prospective owners to witness the family history firsthand. The puppies are given the freedom to roam and play in a natural setting, promoting their physical and emotional well-being. The breeder is committed to DNA testing all their dogs to guarantee the health and genetic integrity of the puppies they produce. This dedication to responsible breeding practices sets Oodles of Moodles apart as a trusted source for quality Moodle puppies.

With a growing network of satisfied families across Australia, Oodles of Moodles has established a strong reputation for finding loving homes for their puppies. The breeder values the relationships formed with their clients and remains dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance. Whether you are looking for a Moodle or Maltipoo puppy, adding your name to the waiting list will connect you with Oodles of Moodles and the opportunity to welcome a new furry companion into your home.