Detailed Information

One With The Dog is a reputable dog training business that takes a realistic and individualized approach to training. Understanding that not all problems can be resolved immediately, they tailor unique training plans for each dog. With experience in training multiple breeds, their main trainer holds a Certification in Dog Behaviour and Training through NDTF, ensuring high-quality service.

Committed to helping dog owners establish a strong bond with their pets, One With The Dog offers a range of services including discounts on multiple training sessions, flexible payment plans, and free training for rescues. Additionally, professionals in the Defence force, Emergency services, and Healthcare services can benefit from special discounts. Their goal is to empower dog owners to better understand and connect with their canine companions.

Whether you have a specific training goal in mind or need assistance with behavioral issues, One With The Dog provides expert guidance and support to help you and your dog thrive. By focusing on the unique needs of each dog and offering tailored training solutions, they aim to create harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners.