Detailed Information

One on One Dog Training is a reputable and established dog training business that has been successfully operating since 2010. Specializing in personalized one-on-one training sessions, the business is currently accepting a limited number of new clients while also offering convenient online training options accessible anytime. With a team of experienced trainers and a wealth of pre-recorded sessions, One on One Dog Training has effectively trained dogs all across Australia, ensuring that both pets and owners receive the necessary guidance and support.

As a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia, One on One Dog Training adheres to scientifically backed training methods that are recognized worldwide. The dedicated trainers at the business are committed to staying updated on the latest industry practices and techniques to provide the best possible training experience for clients and their furry companions. By focusing on effective communication, leadership, and building trust with each dog, One on One Dog Training aims to help owners address challenging behaviors and foster a strong bond with their pets.

Whether you are looking to address specific behavioral issues or simply enhance your dog’s obedience skills, One on One Dog Training offers a personalized approach that goes beyond traditional group classes. With a mission to help dogs become valued members of their families, the business provides comprehensive training notes for reference and a range of online resources, including the popular Good Dog Level 1 videos featuring a diverse group of canine companions. Trust One on One Dog Training to guide you and your dog on the path to a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.