Detailed Information

Olive Hollow Golden Retrievers is a small, family-focused breeder located in Shoalhaven, NSW, specializing in ethically raised and healthy golden retriever puppies. With a strong emphasis on providing a nurturing environment for their puppies, Olive Hollow takes pride in their experienced animal husbandry and specialized care. The puppies are raised as part of the family for the first 8 weeks of their lives, ensuring they are well-socialized and prepared for their future homes.

Committed to the health and well-being of their puppies, Olive Hollow conducts thorough health checks, including physical and genetic tests, to ensure the puppies are free from hereditary diseases. The breeder also offers a range of benefits for new puppy owners, such as a money-back cooling off period, desexing voucher, and informative profiles on the puppy’s health history and parents. With a focus on preparing their puppies for various roles, Olive Hollow aims to complete families by providing well-rounded and loving companions.

Founded in 2010, Olive Hollow Golden Retrievers has established itself as a reputable breeder within the community, prioritizing the welfare of their dogs and the satisfaction of their customers. With a dedication to ethical breeding practices and a passion for the golden retriever breed, Olive Hollow strives to provide families with healthy, well-adjusted puppies that bring joy and companionship into their lives.