Detailed Information

Ocean Paws Dog Training is a reputable business founded in 2014 by Penny, a Central Coasts Certified Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant with a Delta Accreditation. Specializing in force-free, reward-based training methods, Penny’s passion for animals, particularly dogs, stems from a young age. With a background in companion animal services and behavior, Penny’s dedication to understanding dog behavior and training techniques is evident in the positive results seen in her clients’ furry companions.

Offering a range of programs tailored to different stages of a dog’s life, Ocean Paws Dog Training provides services such as the Baby Puppy Program for pups aged 8-15 weeks, Senior Puppy Program for pups aged 16-24 weeks, and a comprehensive program for dogs aged 7 months and over. Additionally, private training sessions are available for those unable to attend group classes or requiring individualized attention. Penny’s commitment to building a relationship based on trust, respect, and understanding between owners and their dogs is reflected in the testimonials praising her expertise and caring approach.

With a focus on educating owners on behavior and learning theory to enhance their bond with their pets, Ocean Paws Dog Training aims to create a harmonious life for both dogs and their human companions. Penny’s continuous pursuit of knowledge in the field, membership in professional dog training associations, and attendance at educational events ensure that clients receive the most effective and up-to-date training methods. For those seeking a positive, holistic, and personalized approach to dog training on the Central Coast, Ocean Paws Dog Training is a highly recommended choice.