Detailed Information

Oaks Sport Horses is a renowned breeder of 5* quality international jumping horses located in Australia. Established in 2004 by Alice Cameron with the importation of four warmblood mares, Oaks Sport Horses has since become a leading name in the industry. The breeding program focuses on utilizing the best bloodlines available worldwide, with a strong emphasis on developing competition horses of exceptional quality.

The foundation of Oaks Sport Horses lies in its selective stud, which is relatively small by global standards. The breeding program centers around high-quality mares and carefully selected stallions, including prominent sires such as Kannan, Chacco Blue, and Clearway. With a commitment to producing elite jumping horses, Oaks Sport Horses has seen its horses compete at all levels, with many bearing the recognizable oak leaf brand now successfully competing in Europe and the USA.

With a track record of breeding horses that have represented Australia at prestigious events like World Championships and Nations Cups, Oaks Sport Horses prides itself on nurturing soundness, courage, carefulness, and character in its equine partners. The ultimate goal is to develop strong partnerships between horse and rider, fostering a harmonious connection that allows both to excel in the competitive world of international show jumping.