Detailed Information

The NSW Cat Fanciers Association (NSWCFA) is a prominent Feline Registering Body in the Southern Hemisphere, known for its professional administration office that handles thousands of registrations annually. Affiliated with numerous Clubs, NSWCFA organizes multiple Championship Shows where members can exhibit their prized breeds. As a founding member of the Co-Ordinating Cat Council of Australia, NSWCFA upholds high standards of ethics and compliance with NSW State legislation, ensuring responsible breeding practices and pet ownership.

One of the distinctive breeds promoted by NSWCFA is the Sacred Cat of Burma, a captivating feline with a rich history originating from ancient Burma and later popularized in France. Members who breed pedigree cats under NSWCFA are required to follow a strict Code of Ethics, guaranteeing that kittens are micro-chipped, vaccinated, and not homed before 10 weeks of age. The association emphasizes the importance of selective breeding and placing kittens in caring, permanent homes to prevent overbreeding and ensure the well-being of the animals.

NSWCFA actively advocates for responsible pet ownership and compliance with State legislation, aiming to educate members and the public on ethical practices in cat breeding and care. With a focus on promoting the welfare of cats and kittens, NSWCFA encourages engagement through events, shows, and educational initiatives. For more information on the Annual Permit for Non-Desexed Cats and other updates, individuals can connect with NSWCFA through their contact number or social media platforms.