Detailed Information

NorthWest Vets is a well-established veterinary practice founded in 2002 by a dedicated vet couple, Scott and Kylie Parry. What began as a small one-vet clinic in Coonamble has evolved into a thriving business with six veterinarians and three locations across the north west region. Specializing in both small and large animal care, NorthWest Vets is committed to providing top-notch veterinary services to pets and livestock in the area.

Under the leadership of Scott and Kylie, NorthWest Vets has expanded its reach and expertise, offering a high level of technical knowledge and advice to the pastoral livestock operations they serve. The practice underwent a rebranding in 2015, coinciding with the opening of their Walgett branch practice, followed by another branch in Lightning Ridge in 2017. Scott and Kylie remain actively involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that clients receive personalized care and attention.

NorthWest Vets prides itself on delivering exceptional service and continuously improving its standards to meet the needs of their diverse clientele. With a passion for community involvement and industry contribution, Scott and Kylie are dedicated to upholding the values of professionalism and compassion in their practice. Whether it’s routine check-ups for pets or specialized care for livestock, NorthWest Vets is a trusted partner in promoting the health and well-being of animals in the north west region.