Detailed Information

NEK9 Professional Dog Training is a renowned establishment based in Auckland, New Zealand, offering expert services in basic to advanced obedience training and behavior modification for dogs. With a rich history dating back to 1989, NEK9 stands out for its comprehensive understanding of various dog breeds and individual temperaments, ensuring tailored training programs for each unique canine companion. Led by the esteemed ‘Dog Man’ Stefan, the team at NEK9 is dedicated to fostering a deep bond between dog owners and their beloved pets.

At NEK9, the focus goes beyond traditional dog training methods. The core values of loyalty, respect, bonding, control, and trust form the foundation of their training philosophy, aiming to strengthen the relationship between handlers and dogs. Through a series of structured courses and personalized sessions, dog owners in Auckland are equipped with essential skills to effectively manage and improve their dog’s behavior in diverse environments. NEK9’s approach emphasizes real-world distractions and challenges, ensuring that dogs respond reliably even in demanding situations.

  • Specializing in basic to advanced obedience training and behavior modifications
  • Customized training programs for each dog and handler team
  • Expert guidance on understanding and managing your dog’s temperament
  • Emphasis on building a harmonious relationship based on trust and respect
  • Engaging group sessions and advanced training techniques for continuous improvement