Detailed Information

Neecabe Border Collies is a renowned breeding establishment dedicated to producing top-quality Border Collies with exceptional pedigree and show success. With a strong focus on breeding for excellence, Neecabe Border Collies has achieved numerous accolades in various international dog shows, showcasing the superior genetics and breeding standards upheld by the kennel. From winning Best in Show titles to securing Champion titles both locally and abroad, Neecabe Border Collies consistently demonstrates a commitment to breeding healthy, well-tempered, and highly competitive Border Collies.

Specializing in Border Collies, Neecabe Border Collies prides itself on producing dogs that excel in conformation, temperament, and performance. The kennel’s breeding program is carefully curated to ensure the continuation of desirable traits and characteristics that are synonymous with the Border Collie breed. With a focus on health, structure, and breed standard, Neecabe Border Collies strives to produce dogs that not only excel in the show ring but also make wonderful companions and working dogs. Each dog bred at Neecabe Border Collies comes from a long line of champions and is raised with the utmost care and attention to ensure they reach their full potential.

Led by a team of dedicated professionals and enthusiasts, Neecabe Border Collies is committed to upholding the highest standards in breeding practices and animal welfare. With a passion for the Border Collie breed and a track record of success in the competitive dog show circuit, Neecabe Border Collies stands as a reputable and trusted source for top-quality Border Collies. Whether you are looking for a show dog, a working companion, or a beloved family pet, Neecabe Border Collies offers a selection of well-bred puppies that embody the best qualities of the Border Collie breed.