Detailed Information

MustCare – Compton Road Vets, formerly known as Monty and Minx, is a reputable veterinary center located in Runcorn, South Brisbane. Established in 2001, this family-owned business is dedicated to providing high-quality care for pets and their owners. Led by Dr. Shibly, a seasoned Senior Veterinary Surgeon with a passion for animal welfare, the professional team at Compton Road Vets offers personalized services to ensure the well-being of your furry family members.

Compton Road Vet Centre prides itself on its preventative care approach, known as the MustCare Method. Rather than waiting for pets to fall ill, the team focuses on educating pet owners on how to maintain their pets’ health and well-being. By emphasizing preventive measures, such as routine health checks and vaccinations, MustCare aims to minimize unnecessary discomfort for pets and reduce the need for costly treatments. The clinic’s commitment to keeping pets calm, comfortable, and happy sets it apart as a caring and compassionate veterinary service provider in the Brisbane community.

With a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with clients and their pets, MustCare – Compton Road Vets is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of veterinary care. Whether you need a simple health check or assistance with managing complex health issues, the experienced team at Compton Road Vets is here to provide expert guidance and support for you and your beloved companions.