Detailed Information

MustCare – Algester Vets, formerly known as Monty and Minx, is a family-owned veterinary business located in Algester, south Brisbane. Established in 2008, our dedicated team of passionate animal enthusiasts led by Senior Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Shibly, strive to provide exceptional care for pets and their owners. With a focus on preventative care, our clinic offers thorough examinations, routine health checks, vaccinations, and personalized solutions for ongoing or complex health issues.

Dr. Shibly, with 17 years of experience in general, referral, and emergency veterinary settings, is committed to fostering the bond between pets and their owners. Growing up on a farm in South Africa surrounded by various animals, he developed a deep love for caring for animals and alleviating owners’ concerns. The MustCare Method, centered on education and preventative care, aims to keep pets healthy and happy, avoiding unnecessary discomfort and costly treatments.

At MustCare – Algester Vets, we believe in treating not just diseases but individuals, ensuring that pets receive the best possible care in a calm and comfortable environment. Our team’s dedication to providing personalized service and promoting preventative care reflects our commitment to the well-being of pets and their families in the Brisbane community.