Detailed Information

Murrumba Downs Vet (VetMD) is a comprehensive veterinary clinic dedicated to providing top-notch care for a wide range of pets, including cats, dogs, and exotic animals. With a team of highly qualified veterinarians led by Dr. Liam Flanagan and supported by Dr. Daniel McBain, the clinic offers specialized services for exotic pets such as guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, and fish. The clinic boasts a fully-equipped facility with separate waiting areas for dogs, cats, and exotics, ensuring a stress-free environment for all pets.

At VetMD, the team is committed to delivering professional and compassionate veterinary services, including surgical and medical treatments. The clinic’s focus on client education underscores their belief in empowering pet owners to make informed decisions about their pets’ health and well-being. In addition to veterinary care, VetMD offers Puppy Pre-School classes and stocks a variety of pet products to cater to all aspects of pet care.

The clinic’s unique approach to veterinary care is evident in its thoughtfully designed facilities, which include dedicated species consultation rooms, private grieving and visiting areas, and separate dog and cat hospital wards. By prioritizing individualized care and comfort for each pet, VetMD ensures that every furry, feathered, or scaly friend receives the attention and treatment they deserve.