Detailed Information

Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital, located at 294 Lords Place in Orange, NSW 2800, is a premier veterinary facility dedicated to providing exceptional care for your beloved pets. Our passion is caring for animals, and this is evident in everything we do. From routine check-ups to complex surgeries, we offer high-quality veterinary medicine and surgery services with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the well-being of your furry, feathered, or scaly friends.

At Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital, we cater to all small animals and pets, including birds, reptiles, and wildlife. Our comprehensive services include an operating theatre, digital X-ray system, ultrasounds, dental care, and critical care facilities. We understand the unique needs of each animal, which is why we have separate hospital areas for cats and dogs to provide a stress-free environment for their treatment and recovery.

Our dedicated team of veterinarians and staff are committed to delivering compassionate and personalized care to every patient that walks through our doors. Whether your pet needs a routine check-up or emergency medical attention, Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital is here to provide the highest standard of care to ensure the health and happiness of your furry family members.