Detailed Information

Mt Helen Cattery, located at 69 Bergs Lane in Mt Helen, is a premier cat boarding facility run by experienced carers Miranda and Adam Brayshaw. Situated just 3 minutes from the University, this cattery is designed exclusively for cats, ensuring a stress-free environment with no barking dogs. The tranquil 10-acre property offers two distinct cattery buildings, each catering to different cat needs and preferences.

  • Cattery One features spacious pens with elevated sleeping boxes and window ledges for cats to relax and observe their surroundings. The design allows for flexibility, accommodating single cats as well as families with multiple cats.
  • Cattery Two offers larger pens and outside areas, ideal for active cats that enjoy climbing and playing. This section is also suitable for long-term stays, making it perfect for cats needing extended care.

At Mt Helen Cattery, the focus is on providing a comfortable and secure environment for cats of all ages. The facility is equipped to handle medication administration and special dietary requirements. With a commitment to exceptional care, Miranda and Adam ensure that each cat receives personalized attention and a home-like setting during their stay.