Detailed Information

MpireBullz, founded by Sian Hull and Stephen Hull in 2022, is a reputable kennel-free breeding program specializing in producing top-quality British Bulldogs. Sian and Steve are dedicated to breeding healthy and beautiful Bulldogs that are loved and enjoyed by all. With a focus on DNA testing and maintaining breed standards, MpireBullz offers a personalized experience for every customer, providing care plans and guidance throughout the entire process.

At MpireBullz, the main goal is to produce Bulldogs with exceptional temperament and health, catering to both new breeders and first-time owners. Specializing in breeding pedigree French Bulldogs and British Bulldogs in Australia, MpireBullz goes beyond just selling puppies. They offer lifetime support and mentoring, ensuring a smooth transition for both the puppies and their new families. Each puppy comes with a take-home pack containing essentials to make the adoption process stress-free.

Whether you are looking for a lovable Bulldog puppy to join your family or seeking professional stud services, MpireBullz is your go-to destination. With a passion for Bulldogs and a commitment to excellence, MpireBullz provides a range of services to meet all your Bulldog-related needs. From carefully selected Bulldog puppies raised in a loving environment to male Bulldog puppies for breeding programs, MpireBullz offers a comprehensive and trustworthy experience for Bulldog enthusiasts.