Detailed Information

Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital is a well-established veterinary practice located in Perth, Western Australia. Founded by passionate and experienced veterinarians Sophie, Helen, Molly, Taneika, Shannon, Emma, Nicole, and Sue, the hospital provides comprehensive and compassionate care for pets of all shapes and sizes. With a team dedicated to upholding the highest standards of veterinary medicine, Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of services, from routine check-ups to complex surgical procedures.

At Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital, the focus is on providing top-notch medical care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The hospital boasts separate hospitalization areas for dogs and cats, as well as an isolation ward for pets requiring specialized care. With a fully air-conditioned facility, pet owners are encouraged to visit and spend time with their furry companions during their stay. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical facilities, in-house laboratory services for quick test results, and modern diagnostic imaging equipment, including x-rays and ultrasound, to ensure accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Whether your pet needs a routine wellness exam, dental care, or emergency surgery, the dedicated team at Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing the highest level of care and attention. With a passion for animals and a wealth of experience, the veterinarians and staff at Mosman Park Veterinary Hospital strive to create a positive and nurturing environment for both pets and their owners.