Detailed Information

MornDew Labradors, based in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia, is a reputable kennel established in 2007 by Hugh Vardon and the Vardon family. Specializing in breeding high-quality Labradors, MornDew Labradors has quickly gained recognition for its dedication to improving the breed’s standards. The kennel collaborates with renowned breeders and lines from Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the US to ensure their Labradors have health clearances, genetic testing for hereditary diseases, and pleasant temperaments.

With a focus on enhancing the Labrador breed’s quality, MornDew Labradors aims to serve as ambassadors for the breed. The kennel’s commitment to maintaining breed standards and working with experienced breeders reflects their dedication to upholding the Labrador’s integrity. Visitors to their website can access a wealth of information about MornDew Labradors and the Labrador breed in general, showcasing their passion for educating and engaging with fellow enthusiasts.

Over the years, MornDew Labradors has evolved from a suburban Melbourne location to their current base in Kyneton, where they continue to refine their breeding practices and expand their family of Labradors. Through a meticulous breeding approach focused on quality over quantity, the kennel strives to produce Labradors that not only meet their standards but also contribute positively to the breed’s legacy. MornDew Labradors’ journey, marked by years of planning and dedication, underscores their commitment to responsible breeding and the betterment of the Labrador breed.