Detailed Information

Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club, established in 1972, is a premier dog training facility located in Moorabbin, Victoria. Our club offers a wide range of activities including Obedience, Agility, Rally, and pre-puppy classes. We focus on positive reinforcement training methods, emphasizing the importance of socialization for dogs of all ages. With over 51 years of experience, we have a strong reputation for producing successful competitors in Obedience, Agility, and Rally trials.

At Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club, we cater to dogs of all standards, from puppy socialization to competitive training in various disciplines such as Agility and Flyball. Our training sessions are held on Sunday mornings, with opportunities for members to participate in open trials and exclusive competitions throughout the year. We welcome new members and their furry companions, providing a supportive and engaging environment for both dogs and their owners to learn and grow together.

As a volunteer-run organization affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association, Dogs Victoria, Australian Flyball Association, and Canine Disc Australia, Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and training. If you are looking to enhance your bond with your canine companion and develop their skills in a positive and encouraging setting, we invite you to join our community of passionate dog lovers at Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club.