Detailed Information

Monkerai Mini Foxies is a small, family-owned Miniature Fox Terrier stud nestled on a picturesque farm in Armidale, NSW. With a deep-rooted passion for these courageous and intelligent little dogs, we take pride in our carefully selected breeders from esteemed bloodlines with a history of show-winning accolades. As proud members of the Mini Foxie Club Australia (MFCA) and registered breeders with the organization, we uphold the highest standards in breeding practices.

Our Mini Foxies are not just pets; they are integral members of our family and play an active role in assisting on the farm. While they may not have been traditionally bred as sheepdogs, their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm make them exceptional helpers. Renowned for their prowess in rodent control, these pint-sized canines have proven to be more effective than cats in keeping our premises free from pests. Their loyalty knows no bounds as they faithfully shadow us wherever we go, infusing each day with boundless joy and zest for life.

At Monkerai Mini Foxies, we are committed to preserving the essence of the Miniature Fox Terrier breed by nurturing and showcasing their remarkable qualities. With a blend of showmanship and farm utility, our dogs exemplify the perfect balance of courage, intelligence, and affection, making them cherished companions for families and farmers alike.