Detailed Information

Mon Tigre Bengals is a reputable Bengal cat breeding program located just outside of Canberra, NSW. Specializing in breeding both brown and snow Bengals, our dedicated team of certified cat breeders is committed to consistently improving the Bengal breed. We take pride in providing the best care and love for our cats and kittens, ensuring they are well-adjusted and ready to join their new families.

Our Bengal kittens are known for their clear, large tricolour rosettes and good contrast in their patterns. As highly intelligent, personable, and active cats, Bengals are not only striking in appearance with their leopard print coats but also possess curious and animated personalities. At Mon Tigre Bengals, we invest time in handling our kittens early on to nurture their socialization and ensure they grow into well-rounded companions.

As members of Cats NSW and the Responsible Pet Breeders Association, we uphold the highest standards in our breeding practices. Our cattery, situated on a picturesque farm in Gundaroo, NSW, is a testament to our passion for Bengal cats. Whether you are a seasoned Bengal enthusiast or a first-time owner, Mon Tigre Bengals welcomes you to experience the joy of bringing home one of our playful and loving Bengal kittens.