Detailed Information

Molly’s K9 Training, located in Melbourne, VIC, is a premier dog training business dedicated to bringing out the best in every dog by tapping into their natural motivations and perspective. With a professional training team, we believe that good training is the key to fostering the happiest and most fulfilling relationship between dogs and their owners. Our mission is centered around enhancing the quality of life for both dogs and their human companions, making the envisioned life together a reality.

Specializing in assisting families in the process of bringing a new puppy into their homes, Molly’s K9 Training offers expert guidance on selecting the right furry companion that aligns with the family’s lifestyle and preferences. We emphasize the importance of thorough research and preparation before committing to a new pet, ensuring that both the dog and the owner are well cared for. Our services extend to evaluating the ideal environment for a puppy to thrive, considering factors such as bloodline, breeding, health history, and selecting the right veterinarian.

At Molly’s K9 Training, we are committed to helping dog owners navigate the journey of pet ownership with confidence and knowledge. Whether it’s choosing the right puppy, understanding their needs, or embarking on obedience training, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to create harmonious and fulfilling relationships between dogs and their families.