Detailed Information

Mobile Pet Dentistry is a unique veterinary service founded by Dr. Anthony Caiafa, a distinguished professional with dual degrees in Veterinary Science and Human Dentistry. With a wealth of experience in both fields, Dr. Caiafa is a pioneer in the veterinary dental industry in Australia. His expertise and passion for oral health extend to his team, which includes Dr. Kayoko Kuroda and Dr. Suruchi Perera, both dedicated to advancing small animal dentistry.

Dr. Caiafa’s commitment to improving the oral health of pets is evident through his pro bono work at the RSPCA and international efforts, such as providing dental treatments to rescued big cats in South Africa. Mobile Pet Dentistry offers advanced dentistry services for cats and dogs, aiming to raise awareness about oral diseases among pet owners. Dr. Alison Caiafa, a veterinary surgeon and human dietitian, plays a crucial role in the management of the practice, ensuring a holistic approach to pet care.

With a focus on evidence-based treatments and ongoing training programs for veterinary professionals, Mobile Pet Dentistry strives to enhance the well-being of furry companions. Driven by a passion for education and clinical excellence, the team at Mobile Pet Dentistry is dedicated to delivering top-notch dental care for pets while promoting the importance of oral health in the veterinary community.