Detailed Information

Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs is a reputable and fully licensed breeder located in the picturesque Mount Warning hinterland of Northern New South Wales, Australia. Specializing in the unique Australian Cobberdog breed, Misty Creek Rose is dedicated to ethical and responsible breeding practices. With a focus on producing healthy and well-rounded puppies, all parent dogs undergo thorough health testing to ensure the highest standards of genetic health.

At Misty Creek Rose, puppies are raised in a loving home environment with 24/7 care and socialization. The Australian Cobberdog, recognized as a pure breed in development by the MDBA, is known for its intelligence, friendly nature, and suitability for families with children and special needs individuals. With a commitment to providing lifelong support to their puppies, Misty Creek Rose offers a health guarantee against tested genetic diseases and facilitates the adoption process for interested families.

Founded by a passionate dog enthusiast with a deep love for the Australian Cobberdog breed, Misty Creek Rose Australian Cobberdogs is dedicated to preserving and developing these exceptional dogs. Mentored by industry experts and committed to upholding breed standards, Misty Creek Rose ensures that each puppy finds a loving forever home. Whether you are located in Australia or overseas, Misty Creek Rose offers transportation services for their Australian Cobberdog puppies, spreading joy and companionship to families worldwide.