Detailed Information

Miss U Motel – Cattery Canberra is a unique and intimate cattery founded by Yvette and LouEllen, who collectively bring over 35 years of experience in the veterinary industry to their business. LouEllen, a qualified vet nurse, and Yvette, a reception manager, have a deep understanding of the stress pets can experience when away from home. Their personalized care approach focuses on spending quality time with each guest, providing comfort through activities like sitting, patting, brushing, and playing. Interaction with the feline guests is not just an added service but a fundamental part of the care they offer.

Located on a picturesque 5-acre property, Miss U Motel is not just a cattery but a home where Yvette and LouEllen live onsite, ensuring constant care and attention for the cats under their watch. The cattery was established in 2006 out of a passion for animals and a desire to create a small, boutique-style facility that offers a level of care akin to what pets experience in their own homes. With a focus on creating a comfortable and happy environment, Miss U Motel aims to provide a personalized experience for each feline guest, making their stay as close to a home-like setting as possible.

Yvette and LouEllen’s dedication to their furry guests is evident in the meticulous design of the purpose-built cattery and the hands-on approach they take in running the business. With a commitment to ensuring that at least one of them is always present on the premises, Miss U Motel offers a level of care and attention that sets it apart from other catteries in the region. For pet owners looking for a personalized and intimate boarding experience for their beloved cats, Miss U Motel – Cattery Canberra stands out as a top choice.