Detailed Information

Mind Your Paws is a reputable business based in Darwin, Northern Territory, serving the entire Darwin region, including Palmerston and Rural areas. Led by professional dog trainer Kristy Teunissen, the business specializes in providing top-notch dog training services and implementing Therapy Dog programs. With a focus on creating a supportive and calm environment for students, staff, and clients, Mind Your Paws aims to help owners achieve the desired behaviors in their dogs, ultimately reducing rehoming rates and fostering harmonious relationships between pets and their families.

The team at Mind Your Paws is known for their friendly and effective training style, which has proven successful across various dog breeds, ages, and behavior concerns. By utilizing positive reinforcement techniques and drawing on Kristy’s expertise in dog behavior, the business helps owners train their dogs to be well-mannered companions both at home and in public settings. Through a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, Mind Your Paws stays at the forefront of industry best practices to deliver exceptional training services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Whether you’re struggling with leash aggression, obedience training, or seeking to introduce Therapy Dogs to your workplace, Mind Your Paws offers a range of services to address your unique requirements. By focusing on prevention and rehabilitation, the business aims to equip owners with the skills and knowledge needed to foster a strong bond with their canine companions and ensure a harmonious coexistence. Contact Mind Your Paws today to discover how their expert team can help you achieve your dog training goals and create a fulfilling relationship with your furry friend.