Detailed Information

Millport Golden Retrievers is a reputable breeding business located in the charming town of Lititz, Pennsylvania, nestled in the picturesque Lancaster County. Specializing in breeding Golden Retrievers, specifically Ginger and Fern, the business prides itself on striving for perfection in each puppy they produce. Both females undergo rigorous health testing, including x-rays for hip and elbow dysplasia, ensuring the highest quality offspring. The males used for breeding, such as Rocky the Standard Poodle and Macho the European English Cream Golden Retriever, are also genetically clear of defects, contributing to the exceptional lineage of the puppies.

With a focus on maintaining the health and temperament of their dogs, Millport Golden Retrievers goes above and beyond to provide puppies that come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. The business owners, who have three children aged 6 to 14, consider Ginger and Fern as integral members of their family, living indoors and receiving the utmost care and attention. The decision to breed Golden Retrievers was driven by their admiration for the breed’s beauty and temperament, with a commitment to prioritizing the overall well-being of their dogs in every breeding decision.

By upholding stringent health standards and meticulous breeding practices, Millport Golden Retrievers ensures that the puppies they produce are unmatched in terms of health, temperament, and beauty. Customers can expect top-quality F1 Standard Goldendoodles and Golden Retriever puppies that embody the excellence and care that define this reputable breeding business in Lititz, Pennsylvania.