Detailed Information

Mightyburns Bulls is a reputable French Bulldog breeding business based in Perth, Western Australia. With a strong focus on quality breeding practices, we are dedicated to raising exceptional French Bulldogs in a loving and caring environment. Our breeding program prioritizes the health and happiness of our animals, ensuring they are well-cared for and ready to find their forever homes.

As proud members of the Master Dog Breeders and Associates DVL2 elimination program, we are committed to eliminating the screw tail gene (DVL2) in French Bulldogs. By working alongside like-minded breeders and following the MDBA’s genetic action plan for Brachycephalic Breeds, we aim to contribute to the future health and well-being of the French Bulldog breed. Our breeding dogs are rigorously health-tested and cleared of the ADAMTS3 gene, which is associated with breathing issues, further emphasizing our commitment to producing healthy and happy puppies.

At Mightyburns Bulls, we take pride in our responsible breeding practices and strive to match each dog with the right home. Our family-run business, fueled by a passion for French Bulldogs, has been breeding dogs since the 1990s and focuses on producing friendly and well-adjusted family pets. If you are looking for a loving, loyal, and adorable French Bulldog to join your family, we welcome all expressions of interest and look forward to helping you find your perfect companion.