Detailed Information

Midway Road Veterinary Clinic, located in Elizabeth East, SA, is a premier veterinary facility dedicated to providing top-notch care for pets of all ages. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services, from routine vaccinations and wellness exams to advanced disease diagnosis and treatment. We pride ourselves on being your pet’s trusted partner in health, ensuring they receive the best possible care throughout their lives.

At Midway Road Veterinary Clinic, we understand the importance of grooming in maintaining your pet’s overall well-being. Our skilled groomers are passionate about pampering your furry friends and keeping them looking and feeling their best. Whether it’s a simple bath or a full grooming session, we strive to make every pet’s experience at our clinic a positive and enjoyable one.

Our dedicated team at Midway Road Veterinary Clinic has earned praise from satisfied clients for our exceptional service and compassionate care. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, we go above and beyond to ensure the health and happiness of every pet that walks through our doors. Visit us today and meet our friendly staff who are committed to providing the highest standard of veterinary care for your beloved companions.