Detailed Information

Meroo Kennels is a premier dog boarding and daycare facility located in Meroo Meadow, NSW. We cater to dogs that are 16 weeks of age or older, have received all age-appropriate vaccinations, and are protected by flea and tick preventatives. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our furry guests, which is why we screen all dogs for friendliness towards other dogs and people. We provide individual accommodations for each guest, complete with daily housekeeping and room service. Our spacious suites are ideal for multiple dog families, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all our canine visitors.

At Meroo Kennels, we offer a range of amenities to make your dog’s stay as pleasant as possible. From daily housekeeping and room service to soothing background music, we strive to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for our guests. Dogs at our facility are only in their accommodations for eating and sleeping, with access to them throughout the day. Fresh water is provided at all times to keep our furry friends hydrated and happy. Additionally, we have a trial process in place for dogs who are new to Meroo Kennels, ensuring a smooth transition before their boarding stay.

Our doggie daycare services at Meroo Kennels provide a fun and social environment for dogs to run, jump, play, and interact with other friendly canines. We group dogs by size to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, whether they are high-energy or more laid-back. Our dedicated staff members are committed to maintaining your dog’s socialization skills, providing daily exercise, and offering caring attention throughout their stay. Join us at Meroo Kennels for a reliable and welcoming place for your furry family members to stay and play!