Detailed Information

Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre (MVSC) is a renowned establishment that has been providing top-notch veterinary care since its inception in 1999. Specializing in advanced multidisciplinary medical services for animals, MVSC is dedicated to offering the best integrated veterinary care within a single complex. With a team of professional, knowledgeable, and experienced specialists, the centre ensures that pets receive the highest quality treatment available to help them live healthier and happier lives.

At MVSC, the bond between pets and their owners is deeply valued, and the staff is committed to addressing both the emotional and medical needs of their clients. The centre boasts a collaborative approach to care, with specialists in internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, oncology, and behavioural medicine working together to provide comprehensive and evidence-based treatment options. MVSC also houses a combined medical and surgical oncology team supported by full internal medicine services to cater to a wide range of conditions, including those associated with cancer.

As a referral medicine provider, MVSC maintains strong relationships with clients and referring veterinarians, ensuring open communication and informed decision-making regarding pet treatment options. The centre upholds stringent standards for its specialists, requiring qualifications, experience, and training that meet the highest industry standards. Clients can trust that their pets are in expert hands at MVSC, where the goal is to deliver exceptional care and support for pets and their owners alike.