Detailed Information

Meander Valley Veterinary Service Pty Ltd is a well-established veterinary practice serving suburbs throughout the Meander Valley region in Tasmania. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Roger Blackwell, the clinic has grown from a single vet operation to a team of 9 vets and 12 veterinary nurses and support staff. The practice operates two clinics – the Deloraine Veterinary Centre and the Westbury Veterinary Centre, collectively known as Meander Valley Veterinary Service.

Located at 23 Beefeater Street in Deloraine, the clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services for various animals, including horses and cattle. Clients from across the north and north west of Tasmania and into the northern midlands also benefit from the clinic’s services, saving on travel costs and gaining access to advanced diagnostic equipment. The clinic’s larger facility provides ample space for hospital care, outdoor horse day yards, and stables.

Meander Valley Veterinary Service is committed to providing top-quality veterinary care for a diverse range of species. The clinic’s staff engage in ongoing training and professional development to ensure the highest standards of care. As an accredited teaching hospital, the clinic collaborates with veterinary teaching universities in Australia, hosting final year veterinary interns for hands-on learning experiences.