Detailed Information

Matts Marching Mutts is a newly established dog training facility located in Mt Barker, offering a dedicated training yard centrally located for reactivity and socializing work. The business focuses on providing a force-free training environment, prioritizing the welfare of dogs above all else. With a strong belief in ethical training practices, Matts Marching Mutts reserves the right to refuse service if it is deemed not in the animal’s best interest.

Founded by an individual with a deep passion for dogs and a personal journey with autism, Matts Marching Mutts aims to improve the relationships between dogs and their owners. Drawing from experience in fostering and working with top dog trainers, the business strives to make dog ownership easier and prevent unnecessary rehoming. The founder’s unique perspective as a neurodivergent individual highlights the power of autism in fostering deep connections with animals.

Committed to inclusivity and respect for all, Matts Marching Mutts acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Kaurna Yerta and Peramangk Watta lands. Embracing diversity and advocating for equality, the business creates trauma-informed environments and welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities, cultures, ages, and abilities. With a focus on building strong bonds between dogs and their owners, Matts Marching Mutts is dedicated to providing a supportive and understanding training experience.