Detailed Information

Welcome to Alpha Lykos K9 Training and Behaviour, formerly known as Alpha Omega Dogs, a premier dog training and behavior modification service founded in 2017 by Taylor Skinner. Recognizing the diverse personalities of dogs and the unique dynamics of each household, our approach is centered on creating customized training plans tailored to meet the specific needs of every client. With a focus on fostering a strong bond between owners and their furry companions, our one-on-one lessons cater to busy individuals and dogs who may struggle in high-distraction environments.

Our comprehensive 8-week course covers a range of essential commands and behaviors, from basic obedience like Sit, Drop, and Stand, to leash training, stay, and wait commands. Whether your dog is a young pup or an older canine, our program is designed to enhance existing skills and introduce new commands, addressing behavioral issues such as pulling, jumping, leash aggression, and anxiety. Our in-home consultations and personalized behavioral plans ensure continuous support and progress monitoring, with follow-up consultations to track your dog’s development.

At Alpha Lykos, our mission is to empower dog owners with the knowledge and tools needed to establish a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with their pets. Through our commitment to individualized training and holistic support, we aim to create a positive and enriching experience for both owners and their beloved dogs. Join us on a journey of understanding, trust, and companionship, and unlock the potential for a lifelong bond built on respect and communication.