Detailed Information

Maple Street Vet, based in Cooroy, the hinterland of Noosa, is a full-service veterinary clinic dedicated to providing top-notch care for animals of all shapes and sizes. Specializing in the treatment of cats, dogs, and small animals like rats, mice, hamsters, and Guinea pigs, Maple Street Vet goes beyond traditional veterinary medicine by offering alternative holistic treatments such as acupuncture, herbal therapies, natural diets, and Chinese medicine. What sets Maple Street Vet apart is their innovative use of music for diagnosis and treatment, creating a unique approach to veterinary care.

With a growing awareness of the benefits of holistic therapy, Maple Street Vet caters to clients seeking natural solutions to their pets’ health issues. Led by veterinary surgeon Garry, the clinic combines Western and Chinese medicine with music therapy to provide comprehensive care for pets. From clinical assessments to energetic examinations that delve into the body, mind, and soul of animals, Maple Street Vet offers a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating ailments, including allergies. Their services extend to human acupuncture and natural health care preventative plans, reflecting their commitment to overall well-being.

For pet owners seeking a one-of-a-kind veterinary experience on the Sunshine Coast, Maple Street Vet is the go-to destination. Through a blend of traditional and alternative therapies, personalized music-based treatments, and a focus on nature’s healing power, Maple Street Vet aims to promote balance and wellness in every animal they care for. Discover more about their unique treatment plans and techniques by visiting their clinic or exploring their informative blog for valuable insights on pet care.