Detailed Information

The Magpies Mackay and District Obedience Club (MMADOC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership. Our club offers a range of training activities including obedience, agility, jumpers, rallyO, and tracking for dogs of all ages. Our instructors, who work on a voluntary basis, are experienced in training dogs to at least the advanced class level. At MMADOC, we emphasize teaching dog owners how to train their own dogs, fostering a strong bond and effective communication between owner and pet.

As an affiliated club of Dogs Queensland (CCCQ), MMADOC is committed to preparing dogs for competition events in various disciplines. While competition participation is encouraged, it is not mandatory for club members. We prioritize the well-being of dogs and do not promote or condone any form of animal cruelty. Safety is paramount at MMADOC, and training aids are used under strict supervision to ensure the welfare of all dogs involved. Our club also engages in obedience demonstrations, promotes responsible dog ownership, and actively participates in the AVA Pet Pep Program to educate children on pet care and safety.

Members of MMADOC enjoy a social membership at Magpies Sporting Complex, access to regular club magazines, and the opportunity to engage in a supportive community of dog enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to train your dog for obedience, agility, or simply strengthen your bond with your pet, MMADOC provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for dog owners of all skill levels.