Detailed Information

Mackay Pet Rescue Inc is a dedicated animal rescue organization based in Mackay, committed to saving the lives of neglected, abandoned, and stray cats and dogs. Every year, they rescue hundreds of animals in need of care and a safe forever home. Through fostering, adopting, or donating, you can help support their mission of giving these animals a second chance at life.

At Mackay Pet Rescue Inc, their team works tirelessly to rescue animals from various situations, including owner abandonment, neglect, and being placed on death row. They do not have a physical rescue center but rely on a network of foster carers who provide a loving and safe environment for each rescued animal. Through careful vetting of adopters and fosterers, they ensure that every animal finds a suitable and loving home.

By supporting Mackay Pet Rescue Inc, you are not only providing a loving home for a rescued animal but also contributing to their ongoing rescue efforts. Through their adoption process, which includes essential veterinary services like microchipping, vaccinations, and desexing, they promote responsible pet ownership and ensure that each animal is healthy and ready to join a new family. Join their community of animal lovers and help make a difference in the lives of these deserving pets.