Detailed Information

Lyppard Australia is a prominent national veterinary wholesaler and distributor, established in 1988 by veterinarians with a vision to provide innovative solutions and high-quality products to support animal health. With sales and distribution centers strategically located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, and Adelaide, Lyppard Australia is dedicated to delivering a positive impact on animal health through its extensive range of services and products.

Committed to excellence in customer service, Lyppard Australia prides itself on its fast and reliable delivery network, ensuring metropolitan customers receive same-day service while all other orders are fulfilled within a 24-hour timeframe. With over 100 professional and dedicated staff members across Australia, Lyppard Australia’s team is equipped to meet all veterinary requirements promptly and efficiently, exceeding client expectations with a personalized touch that sets them apart in the industry.

As a major supporter of the veterinary industry, Lyppard Australia provides financial backing to national and state veterinary associations, educational seminars, conferences, universities, student associations, veterinary nurses, and local events. With a vast inventory of approximately 20,000 product lines managed by a sophisticated IT stock management system and barcode scanning technology, Lyppard Australia ensures accurate and timely supply of orders to veterinarians nationwide, backed by a team of experienced professionals committed to delivering exceptional service.