Detailed Information

Lyndhurst Lodge Pet Resort, operated by the All Breeds team, is a family-owned business located in Melbourne that offers a unique approach to boarding kennels. Situated on 300 acres of rolling farmland, the resort provides fully indoor accommodation with heated floors and air conditioning, setting itself apart from traditional kennels. The team at Lyndhurst Lodge are dedicated animal lovers who live on-site, ensuring a personalised and secure environment for all pets.

Specializing in dog minding services, Lyndhurst Lodge offers dog boarding, doggy daycare, and a secure ambient environment for pets. The state-of-the-art facilities include spacious kennels with heated floors, ducted gas heating, and evaporative cooling. To promote socialization, dogs are grouped with compatible companions for exercise multiple times a day on the expansive lawns adjacent to the kennels. The resort’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident through practices such as waste processing, rainwater harvesting, and noise reduction measures.

Lyndhurst Lodge Pet Resort prides itself on exceeding industry standards and providing a clean, secure, and socially engaging environment for pets. With a focus on personalized care and attention to detail, the team at Lyndhurst Lodge ensures that every pet receives the love and care they deserve while staying at the resort. For a truly exceptional boarding experience in Melbourne, look no further than Lyndhurst Lodge Pet Resort.