Detailed Information

Welcome to Luxury Cat Lodge – Cat Boarding Cattery Central Coast, a boutique haven where feline luxury meets personalized care. Nestled within the serene setting of the Central Coast, our exclusive cat hotel features just 28 meticulously designed rooms, each radiating elegance and offering tailored care. Our passionate owner, Jules dos Santos, brings a wealth of expertise to the table, with qualifications as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, Cat Psychologist, and roles such as a cat welfare advisor to governmental bodies. With a focus on high-care cats, geriatric cats, and those requiring special monitoring, every guest at Luxury Cat Lodge is enveloped in the pinnacle of care and unmatched excellence.

At Luxury Cat Lodge, your cherished feline will experience a level of indulgence and comfort unlike anything they have ever seen before. From standard suites to verandah suites with tranquil window views, each room is designed to make your cat feel like royalty. Jules dos Santos goes above and beyond to provide not just professional service, but an abundance of love and compassion to cater to each cat’s specific needs. With a commitment to animal welfare and a dedication to providing the utmost care and comfort for our feline friends, Luxury Cat Lodge is the ultimate destination for cat boarding on the Central Coast.

Recognized for her expertise in the animal industry, Jules actively contributes to various advisory groups and organizations, showcasing her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of animals and providing them with the best possible care and compassion. With a focus on premium care, Luxury Cat Lodge offers exclusive services for stable diabetic cats, ensuring they receive personalized attention and medical care. Give your cat the ultimate holiday experience at Luxury Cat Lodge, where cat care, compassion, and comfort are never compromised.