Detailed Information

Lushretrievers is a family-owned business located on the Central Coast NSW, specializing in the breeding of Golden Retrievers. With a deep love for this Scottish breed known for its gentle nature and striking golden coat, Lushretrievers began its journey in 2017 when they welcomed their first Golden Retriever, Bruno, into their family. Impressed by Bruno’s affectionate demeanor and compatibility with their 7-year-old son, the family decided to expand their furry family by adding another Golden Retriever, bringing immense joy and happiness into their lives.

Driven by their passion for Golden Retrievers, Lushretrievers made the decision to become licensed breeders, aiming to share the love and companionship these dogs bring with others. The breed, originally created by Sir Dudley Marjoribanks in the late nineteenth century through a mix of Flat-coated retrievers, tweed water spaniels, red setters, Labrador retrievers, and bloodhounds, has become one of the most popular breeds in Western European countries. Lushretrievers takes pride in their commitment to breeding healthy, well-socialized Golden Retrievers that make excellent pets, competitors in dog shows, and even guide dogs.

At Lushretrievers, every puppy is raised with care and love, ensuring they are ready to become cherished members of their new families. With a focus on quality and a genuine love for the breed, Lushretrievers is dedicated to providing families with loyal and affectionate Golden Retrievers that will bring endless joy and companionship into their homes.