Detailed Information

Lozani German Shepherds, operated by the father and son team of Zarko and Jordan, is a reputable kennel dedicated to breeding and raising high-quality German Shepherd puppies in Australia. With a strong passion for animals and a focus on producing pups that adhere closely to the breed standard, Zarko and Jordan have established themselves as key players in the German Shepherd scene in the country.

Having started breeding in 2012, Kennel Lozani has made significant contributions to the breed by introducing new bloodlines through imports such as Wulkano-Uno von Schnitzerteam from Hungary, Alisha Team Tomahavk from Serbia, and Pupi von neu Garmond from Hungary. This commitment to diversifying the gene pool ensures that their puppies are not only visually appealing but also sound in body and mind, capable of excelling in various roles from working dogs to beloved family companions.

  • Happy, healthy puppies available for adoption
  • Specializing in German Shepherds, including sought-after all black puppies
  • Offering freight services Australia-wide for convenient puppy delivery