Detailed Information

Little Mischief K9 is a reputable professional dog training service located in Newcastle, NSW. Specializing in helping pets and their owners foster better communication and harmony in their relationship, Little Mischief K9 offers a range of training programs to address behavioral issues, puppy training, social etiquette training, and general obedience training. Additionally, they provide unique services such as training and chaperoning dogs for weddings through their “Wedding Ready” package.

With a focus on personalized attention, Little Mischief K9 conducts private one-on-one training sessions in the comfort of clients’ homes. Their qualified trainers work with dogs of all ages and temperaments, from addressing minor behavioral problems to assisting with new pack members or correcting bad habits. The training sessions are designed to engage both the body and mind of the dog, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

For dog owners in the Newcastle area and surrounding regions, Little Mischief K9 offers a holistic approach to dog training, emphasizing the importance of a strong bond between pets and their owners. Whether it’s preparing a dog for a special occasion like a wedding or providing boutique boarding services for a home away from home, Little Mischief K9 is dedicated to helping dogs transition from mischievous to mannerly companions.