Detailed Information

Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital, unfortunately, will not be reopening following the flood of February 2022. Their registration has been discontinued, and the building has been sold for other commercial purposes. However, they are committed to providing animal clinical records to clients upon request. For further assistance, clients can contact Keen St Vets at 0266219811.

Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital was known for providing a comprehensive range of veterinary services for both small and large animal domestic species. Their team, including Ollie, Jimmy, and Griffin, was dedicated to offering top-notch care and treatment to furry companions. Despite the closure, the legacy of their commitment to animal health and welfare continues through the provision of clinical records to new vet clinics or by personal request.

Established in 2017, Lismore Central Veterinary Hospital took pride in serving the local community and their beloved pets. Their website, proudly created with Wix.com, reflected their dedication to modern and accessible veterinary care. While the hospital may no longer be operational, the impact of their service lives on through the ongoing support and care provided to animals by other veterinary clinics in the area.