Detailed Information

LifeHouse Care Op Shop is a vital community resource located in Coffs Harbour, NSW, dedicated to providing essential support services to individuals and families in need. As part of the LifeHouse Care organization, the Op Shop plays a crucial role in enabling people to access low-cost essentials while also generating funds to support various community services. The Op Shop is a cornerstone of the organization, contributing to the overall mission of helping individuals get back on their feet during times of personal crisis.

Complementing the services of the Op Shop, LifeHouse Care also operates Food Pantries that offer essential food and personal care items at affordable prices. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals, including healthcare and pension card holders, as well as those facing financial stress, can access necessary goods with dignity and according to their specific needs. The organization’s commitment to serving the community is evident through its crisis support team, which provides practical assistance to those experiencing hardships and challenges.

LifeHouse Care Op Shop is part of a larger benevolent ministry that focuses on addressing pressing social issues such as homelessness and supporting families in need. Through initiatives like LifeWalk and Under The Tree, the organization strives to make a positive impact on the community by providing practical support, resources, and a sense of dignity to those facing difficult circumstances. With a strong emphasis on community care and empowerment, LifeHouse Care is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all individuals in Coffs Harbour and beyond.