Detailed Information

Leslie Street Veterinary Clinic is a premier veterinary clinic located in Umina, NSW, dedicated to providing the gold standard of care for all animals. With a team of experienced veterinarians and certified cat enthusiasts, the clinic offers expert veterinary care for your beloved pets. From regular health check-ins to personalized care plans, your furry companions are in safe hands at Leslie Street Veterinary Clinic.

Aside from veterinary services, Leslie Street Veterinary Clinic also offers a luxurious cat boarding facility where your feline friends can enjoy spacious, private suites, plush bedding, gourmet meals, and interactive toys for mental and physical stimulation. The clinic’s cat boarding services ensure that your cats feel safe, comfortable, and loved while you are away. With convenient drop-off and pick-up options, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cats are well taken care of at Leslie Street Veterinary Clinic.

Founded on compassion, transparency, and a commitment to providing the best care for pets, Leslie Street Veterinary Clinic is a small animal hospital with a dedicated team of veterinarians and nurses. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including ultrasound, digital x-ray, and dental equipment, to ensure comprehensive care for your pets. Whether you are looking for veterinary services, cat boarding, or grooming, Leslie Street Veterinary Clinic is the place where your pets will receive the love and attention they deserve.