Detailed Information

Leaps & Bounds Dog Training is a premier dog training business that understands the unique needs of every dog. Led by Kathy, a dedicated professional with a background in animal behavior and training, Leaps & Bounds offers personalized lessons tailored to each client to bring out the best in every furry companion. Home visits are available to ensure that training is effective and convenient for all clients.

Aside from regular training classes, Leaps & Bounds also hosts special agility and training clinics featuring expert trainers from interstate, providing valuable insights on specialized topics. In addition, the business organizes fun and engaging breed enthusiast events, offering a social platform for dog owners to connect and share experiences. Kathy’s own journey with her rescue dog Alf, who overcame fear and anxiety to become a confident competitor in dog sports, inspired the establishment of Leaps & Bounds.

Client testimonials speak volumes about the quality of service provided by Leaps & Bounds Dog Training. From helping puppies develop essential skills to addressing behavioral issues in older dogs, Kathy’s expertise and passion shine through in every session. With a focus on creating a positive and interactive learning environment, Leaps & Bounds ensures that both dogs and their owners benefit from the training experience, fostering strong bonds and lasting results.