Detailed Information

Kumfy Kats Boarding Cattery is a premier cat boarding facility located in a serene rural setting on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Founded by the owners of Lushei Burmese Cat Stud, the cattery was designed with the well-being of cats in mind, providing a mentally and physically healthy environment for feline guests. The spacious facility sprawls over two hundred square meters and features individual rooms for each cat, along with three outdoor play areas equipped with climbing towers, tunnels, and lush gardens for relaxation. The cattery also boasts a dedicated food preparation area to ensure that all cats enjoy a well-balanced diet.

At Kumfy Kats, the focus is on providing a comfortable and enriching experience for all cats, including breeding cats who may have more restricted lifestyles elsewhere. Each cat has their own sleeping quarters, cubby houses, and access to outdoor spaces for exercise and play. The cattery aims to offer a holistic approach to cat care, allowing cats to express their natural behaviors and enjoy a stress-free environment. Whether it’s lounging on well-maintained lawns or exploring the various play areas, every cat at Kumfy Kats is treated with care and attention.

Owned and operated by Lushei Burmese Cat Stud, Kumfy Kats Boarding Cattery is a testament to the dedication and passion for feline welfare. The cattery provides a safe and nurturing space for cats to thrive, reflecting the owners’ commitment to creating an environment that meets the needs of these special animals. With a focus on quality care and personalized attention, Kumfy Kats offers a unique boarding experience for cats, ensuring that each guest receives the love and care they deserve.