Detailed Information

Kormeister and Leistunghund Rottweilers is a reputable business founded by Pat Henrickson and Keith Hampton, who collectively possess over 55 years of experience in breeding, showing, trialling, and training Rottweilers. Pat, a dedicated member of the Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc, and Keith, a prominent figure in the Illawarra Dogsport Club, share a passion for preserving the true type and character of Rottweilers. Their objective is to breed Rottweilers that adhere to the country of origin’s standards, ensuring the dogs are well-rounded and competitive in various settings.

Located in Swansea Heads, NSW, and the Illawarra area, Pat and Keith work collaboratively to produce complete Rottweilers that excel both in social environments and on the dogsport arena. With a focus on maintaining the breed’s integrity and versatility, Kormeister and Leistunghund Rottweilers strive to offer top-quality Rottweilers that embody the breed’s characteristics and are well-suited for various activities and competitions. As experienced breeders and trainers, Pat and Keith aim to provide customers with Rottweilers that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly skilled and adaptable.

With a commitment to upholding the highest standards in Rottweiler breeding and training, Kormeister and Leistunghund Rottweilers stand out as a trusted source for individuals seeking well-bred, well-trained Rottweilers in NSW. Pat and Keith’s dedication to producing complete Rottweilers that meet the demands of modern society and excel in competitive settings sets their business apart in the realm of Rottweiler breeding and training.