Detailed Information

KOALA RESCUE Inc is a dedicated and experienced koala rescue group based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our team consists of accredited koala carers with extensive knowledge and expertise in rescuing and caring for koalas. We operate as a 100% volunteer-run not-for-profit charity, ensuring that 100% of donations go directly towards the rescue, care, and conservation of koalas. Supported by a network of veterinarians and various organizations, we strive to provide the best possible care for our beloved koalas.

Our focus is always on what is best for the koalas, and we work tirelessly to ensure their well-being and safety. We service the Adelaide metropolitan area, Adelaide Hills, and the Mt Lofty Ranges, offering a free 24/7 volunteer service. Our team collaborates with leading koala treatment clinics and veterinarians to guarantee that our koalas receive top-notch care. We are committed to releasing koalas back into their original territory whenever possible, or to a DEW-approved release site if necessary.

As advocates for koala conservation, we educate veterinarians, schools, and community groups on koala issues and strive to raise awareness about the challenges facing these iconic marsupials. With the koala population facing threats such as habitat degradation, climate change, and introduced diseases, we remain hopeful and encourage individuals to take action to protect and preserve these unique Australian animals.